Tips To Remember While Renovating Your Small Kitchen

Tips To Remember While Renovating Your Small Kitchen

There are plenty of reasons to renovate a kitchen. From modernising the living space to accommodating new lifestyle changes, a small kitchen can be renovated for various purposes. If you have a small kitchen and want to add some interesting elements to it, have a look through the following tips.

Tip 1

Opt for open storage cabinets

Overhead cabinets in a small kitchen can offer a claustrophobic feeling. If the cabinets are too high, then the user may need a stool or ladder which can again occupy too much floor space. Open storage or cabinets with glass doors are best suited for a small kitchen. Not only do they make the room look spacious but allow you to show off your modern cutlery and shiny pots.

Tip 2

Place function overlooks

While renovating a small cooking space, you must remember that preparing a meal is the foremost function that the kitchen must satisfy. Therefore the user must focus on allocating the right amount of space for all appliances with a sufficient working area rather than adding too many aesthetic elements to it. Shop for appliances with lesser volume and consider a small-scale island to offer a more spacious look to the kitchen.

Tip 3

Choose the lighting wisely

Lighting plays a very important role in adding life to the small kitchen. Our experienced renovation team would suggest the use of incandescent lighting for the top half of the space and brighter lights for the base cabinetry. The yellow lights on top will enhance the shadowing of the space and give it an illusion of a bigger kitchen. Pendant lights hanging over the eating area disperse the light rays to every corner of the room and help the users to overlook the small dimensions.

Tip 4

Add the right colours to the kitchen

Kitchen renovation plans for small kitchens start with the right choice of wall and floor colours. White, half-white, pastel shades and other light colours are highly recommended for the small kitchen as they reflect more light and make the room look taller. If you are more interested in adding some bold colours to the kitchen, then you must take extra care to ensure the appliances and cabinets are matched appropriately.

Tip 5

Small kitchens can showcase errors easily

Unlike bigger spaces that can hide flaws well, a smaller kitchen demands just the perfect mix of styles and materials to look aesthetically appealing. Consult with the experts for kitchen renovations in Penrith for more tips and suggestions and if you are still unsure then opt for a uniform look rather than experimenting.

Discuss the above list of tips with your kitchen renovation expert and find out more ways to derive the best out of your kitchen renovation project.

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