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We used Carls Kitchens to do the renovations of our bath and laundry.  It was a difficult job as we have an old 4 bedroom, one bath cottage.  We wanted the laundry turned into an ensuite and move the laundry next to the kitchen are in new cupboards.  So there was lots of plumbing, electrical and tiling work.  The house was built in 1968 and the original bathroom was still there.

We had the kitchen done by another contractor a couple of years ago.  We wanted the cupboards for both new bathrooms and laundry to match the kitchen.  He was able to do that perfectly so now there’s a uniform theme through the whole house.

Carl was very organised, always on time, contracts were in place.  We went through the pricing, payment timetable and conditions in detail before we started.

Carl and his crew did the job as per the quoted price and kept the timetable almost to the day.  All of his subcontractors were excellent at their trade and worked flat out the whole time they were here.  A great example was his tiler.  The gentleman was a third generation tiler and it showed in his work putting large tiles on an old uneven bathroom wall…the walls are all plumb now as a result.  He even brought his son along on a Saturday to help out…so looks like there’s a fourth generation tiler in the making!

The new bathroom and the new ensuite are beautiful.

I would definitely contact Carl if I had another bathroom or kitchen renovation to do.

Bryen Willems

Bryen Willems

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