At Carl’s Kitchens we offer “obligation free” consultations with our expert designers in the comfort of your own home. You will see your dream kitchen taking shape as we discuss all aspects of style, colours, products, functionality, ergonomics, and practicality. It’s important that you give us feedback on your design so we can coordinate with you regarding exactly what it is. Every kitchen has potential and for us to help you reach it, we ask that you work with our design and materials team to give you exactly what you want.

Once you have decided on the kitchen that is right for you, our team can fully coordinate an installation and manage the project to completion. Our fully licensed tradesmen share our dedication to superior service and come highly recommended. We are confident that our employees will service your needs beyond expectation. To complete the service, we also offer a variety of options as far as appliances, whether a complete package or individual items. We supply most major brands direct to you at wholesale


At Carls Kitchens, we understand what your kitchen is all about and we understand that kitchens aren’t a ‘one solution fits all’ kind of build. We listen to your needs and your lifestyle and make sure that it is reflected in the final design. The philosophy of Carls Kitchens is that we design your kitchen renovations just for you and our designs aren’t set and forget as our kitchens are designed specifically for the space they are being installed in, specifically for the customer – whether that be a family home, commercial or rental property.

We specialise in kitchen renovations – so if you have a professional kitchen renovation team that can spruce up or completely overhaul your old kitchen design then we can help you get rid of the old and get you in with the new.

Carl’s Kitchens have 16 years of experience in kitchens and bathroom renovations, Carl has been servicing Penrith with high quality design and kitchen builds since 2001. Carl’s Kitchens customers have more than great things to say about our renovations and home remodelling packages, with so many satisfied customers what’s stopping you from experiencing Carl’s Kitchens improvements?

The process of building a kitchen is completely different in fact it could be described as that of designing a kitchen. The process of building a kitchen is completely different in fact it could be described as that of designing a kitchen. The first step to renovating your kitchen is designing a kitchen that fits within your budget. Depending on the specific type of flooring, you are going to have to research several different options available that won’t break your budget:

The first option, which happens to be the cheapest is vinyl flooring, it doesn’t have to be ugly it can be very attractive but it does tend to look plastic or unnatural as it does not provide the shine that other higher quality floors do.

Secondly, epoxy flooring it can be done cheap and also look good, it is one of the more common options to guarantee smooth color and shine when paired with charcoal powder it adds a natural black matte shine.


A good kitchen renovation needs to be functional – a place for everything and everyone to share the space and feel at home. Carl’s Kitchens design team means business, our designs will allow you instinctively turn to reach for a plate, or utensil or to put down a hot dish, you find the cupboard or surface you’re looking for, truly the natural cooking environment your heart and mind desires.

Putting thought into your kitchen renovation and the needs of the home cook can allow us to make the space that is enjoyable to cook in.