Is Your Kitchen Environmentally Friendly?

You can add value to your home by going green. Switching off the lights will help you today, but what about saving money in the long run?
Switching light bulbs, toilets and showerheads is a great start, but what about in the room your family uses the most?

Make your kitchen green and more efficient with a kitchen renovation, a complete overhaul that will see your kitchen looking brand new, with the latest and greatest appliances saving you money.

  1. Water Saving dishwasher
  2. High quality water filter on your kitchen tap
  3. Electricity Saving Oven and Grill
  4. Electricity Saving oven range hood
  5. Electricity and Gas saving stovetops
  6. Other customised LED outlights for your kitchens

When researching about kitchen renovations, it’s important to note if the person is qualified. Carl’s Kitchens are Qualified and licensed professionals who always put their customers first. According to an Australian Bureau of Statistics study, greening your house adds far more value than the initial outlay. The report estimated that on a 10-star rating basis, every star the house went up in energy efficiency it added 3 percent in value.  

By greening your house to can add up to $30 000 in additional value to your home, and reduce your carbon footprint which is great for the environment. Contact carl’s kitchens today if you want to improve the value of your home and make it green.

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