Frequently Asked Questions

KITCHEN Frequently Asked Questions:-

Q: How long will I be without water in the house?

A: During the renovation, you will not be without water. The water is turned off for about an hour on the first day, to install new pipework, then reconnected.

Q: How long will I be without a kitchen?

A: Usually Carls Kitchens will complete a kitchen renovation in around 10 days. During this time, the kitchen will be out of service.

Q: Will I be able to use the bathrooms?

A: Yes. The bathroom and all other services will be working.

Q: Do I need council approval?

A: No council approval is necessary. Licenced Plumbers and Electricians are used .

Q: What about the gas connection? Do I need to organise other trades?

A: No Carls Kitchens includes the disconnection and re-connection of both plumbing, gas and electrical.

Q: What about the mess? Will it effect the rest of my house?

A; Carls Kitchens takes precautions to avoid mess and dust to the rest of the home.

Q: Do I need to organise a bin to take the rubbish away?

A; No. This is included in our quote is an allocation for a site bin, so no rubbish or waste is left behind.

Q: Will the kitchen be complete, or will I need to organise other trades?

A: Carls Kitchens prides itself on delivering you a COMPLETE kitchen. No other trades will be required to finish our renovation.


BATHROOM Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Will I be without water in the house?

A: No. A bathroom renovation is similar to the kitchen, in that the water and other services are disconnected for a short while on the first day of renovating.

Q: Is it safe to use our other bathroom?

A: Yes. If you have another bathroom, it will not be effected.

Q: What happens to the old bathroom?

A: The old bathroom is completely removed to the skip bin and replaced with all new products and services

Q: How long will I be without my bathroom?

A: Carls Kitchens usually completes a bathroom in 10- 15 working days, depending on the size and products being installed.

Q: Do you do the lot, or is there more to do after you have installed it?

A: No. Carls Kitchens will, on completion, hand over a completely new bathroom with absolutely nothing more to do.

Q: Does upgrading a bathroom need council approval?

A: No Shire approvals are necessary to renovate your bathroom to the same layout as it is now. If walls are to be removed, or any structural work is required, then the local Shire may need to be notified.