Do You Want to Have an Easy to Clean Kitchen?

Whether you’ll have a new kitchen or planning to renovate an existing one, it’s crucial to have a kitchen that’s quick and easy to clean. The time saved daily could instead be spent on preparing delicious meals. Also, regular cleaning and disinfection plus high sanitation standards will always be a part of our lives now.

How to have an easy to clean kitchen

The general principle here is to make accumulation of dirt impossible or difficult. This means the surfaces should be smooth and that there are very few opportunities for dirt to stick around. In line with that, we can learn a few things from businesses on their choices about their kitchens.

In restaurants, fast food chains and even in hospitals, they often choose Corian® for kitchen countertops because it’s non-porous. This means the stains cannot penetrate the surface and with its seamless appearance, there will be no crevices for dirt and bacteria to get trapped. It’s a practical choice in commercial kitchens because the risks are higher as they prepare and serve food for several people each day. Aside from countertops, food business owners and managers also pay attention to the backsplash and floors. Often they choose large tiles with narrow grouts so that there will be fewer chances for dirt and microbes to accumulate and thrive. In home kitchens, it’s also great to follow that same high standard.

Another way is to have a kitchen with a tight work triangle (cooktop, sink, and refrigerator). With this tight work area, spills become unlikely. The principle here is that distance and movement are minimised, which also means lower chances of spills and mistakes. In case there’s indeed a spill, it will still be easy to clean because of the small space.

There are other principles and methods in designing a kitchen that’s easy to clean. You can enquire here at Carls Kitchens if you require more information. We’ve already designed, built and renovated kitchens for customers living in Campbelltown, Penrith, Sutherland Shire, Castle Hill, North Shore, Western Sydney, and Eastern Suburbs. Contact us today and let’s talk about having a practical kitchen (if it’s renovation we can complete it around 3 weeks).

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