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Since 2001 Carl’s Kitchens has been providing practical and innovative designs for kitchens all over Sydney.  With us you will experience true professionalism and excellent service rolled into one.

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Carl’s Kitchens is family owned and operated and we pride ourselves in being the most prestigious design company in kitchen renovations in Sydney. Quality and Excellence are tradition here and our long list of fully satisfied clients speaks for itself.  We work closely with real estate agents and the small home owner carrying out bathroom and kitchen renovations Western Sydney as well as custom joinery.  Our quality designs are made with your comfort in mind.

Both the bathroom and kitchen are not just rooms.  The kitchen is the heart of the home, and as such should radiate warmth, welcome and comfort while being efficient enough to make the preparation of food and cooking the meal easy for you.


Quality and Comfort in Mind

Whenever we are working on new designs we employ one main guiding principle – Comfort and Quality as one.  We ensure that the room is customized to your needs to provide comfort while working in the kitchen.  In addition, we ensure quality in all the materials and products used and we our qualified team of tradesmen does a great job.

Working with our award-winning design team you will realize that we did not just pick them for their extraordinary skills, but for the innovative ideas that they come up with where kitchen renovations Western Sydney are concerned.

Customer Service You Can Depend On

With Carl’s Kitchens you can expect:

  • Meticulous supervision throughout the renovation process
  • Experienced project management

This guarantees quality and a worry free process for you requiring only your minimal intervention if at all.


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